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HFRI - Premedical Internship - 2017

The second HFRI internship for premedical students was held at Ranchi from December 27, 2016 to January 7, 2017. Five students from well known universities in USA joined this program, in India. This being our second year of premed internship program, past experience of 2016 helped us greatly to effectively plan, organize, and conduct this years' efforts. The program was mentored by Sri Dinesh Modh and Dr. Veena S. Gandhi from USA, while Dr. Madhukar Bhatt and Dr. Mukul Bhatia participated from India. The highlight was an address by the renowned Ayurvedic physician in Dr. Mishra, an author of several Ayurvedic books, who made the subject or our heritage of Ayurvedic Science very exiting and informative for our interns.

Participating interns from HFRI

Sahil Dayal

  • East Carolina Univeristy Honors College Class of 2017


Sheila Patel

  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Class of 2019


Kriti Badola

  • Commonwealth Honors College at University of Massachusetts Amherst Class of 2017


Rishab Kaul

  • Cornell University Class of 2019


Mithil Shah


Program Gallery

HFRI - Medical Internship Initiative (M.I.I.)